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A little about Sean and Micah:

Sean Rigmaiden
I’ve been working on and off in the cycling industry for about 10 years, 6 of those years at Joselyns Bicycles as a mechanic and later store manager. I was born and raised on the Monterey peninsula and also spent time in southern California while attending college. I enjoy “treasure hunting” for vintage bikes and bringing them back to life for others to enjoy. Bike camping trips, off road night rides, and commuting is where my true cycling passion lies. When I’m not on a bike you can usually find me working on my vintage Volkswagens and BMW.
Micah Mozal
I ride my beat up BMX dirt jumper into Pacific Rim Cyclery in downtown Pacific Grove, my favorite hangout filled with the comforting smells of new rubber and citrus degreaser. The year is 1995 and all I know about bicycles is that I love riding em. “Micah, want a job?” says the manager “…you might as well, you’re here all the time anyway.” And that was the beginning of the rest of my life. Then came learning to fix bikes, riding, racing, more riding and racing, and just developing a general passion for all that is BICYCLE. Nothing has changed since then other than now it’s our shop and we’re doing it our way. Let me help you with any repair or service needs and leave you happily exclaiming “My BIKE WORKS!”

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